Seb MH

Acne is an immune-mediated chronic inflammatory disease affecting the pilo sebaceous unit. Although several factors are involved in its pathophysiology, this process is not completely understood.

Etiopathogenesis of acne vulgaris is believed to be multifactorial. It is believed that hyperproliferation and disordered keratinization of follicular epithelium coupled with sebaceous gland overactivity and Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) colonization leads to the formation of clogged pores, which can be accompanied by varying degrees of inflammation 

Acne is now recognized as a primary inflammatory disorder where the other believed mechanisms play a secondary role.

To noteworthy, that recently, the alteration in skin barrier function and integrity have been reported in patients with acne. 

Among the different biophysical parameters that are used to assess barrier function of skin, stratum corneum pH seems to cumulatively represent many aspects of skin function, including the barrier