MH-Innovabuffer is a novel technology which permits the regulation and the maintenance of a desirable pH of body fluids and skin.


Physiologic pH


The pH of our body is critical for both normal physiology, cell metabolism and function and in physiological conditions it is finely regulated and maintained at a fixed range. pH values depend on body fluids and anatomical sites.


Endogenous or external conditions can break the physiologic pH homeostasis leading to a functional derangement.


MH-Innovabuffer, based on food grade natural and safe ingredients, was set-up to maintain the pH at standard values, restoring healthy conditions while preserving the physiological environment



So far we have applied the technology to suitably buffer the following fluids/tissues:

Saliva:  pH 6.5-7

Skin: pH 4.7

Vagina: pH 4.0


Our products based on MH-Innovabuffer: