Salifluss now available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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Xerostomia is the feeling of having a dry mouth. It is due to reduced or absent saliva production. Xerostomia can be at the origin of several health problems. Thus, symptoms like discomfort, pain and hampered speech can appear. Constant sore throat, burning sensation, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness and/or dry mouse can also affect people suffering from xerostomia. Bacterial infections leading to destruction and loss of teeth occur quite often. These symptoms may then cause worsening of the quality of life, limitation of the daily activities and even malnutrition.

Salifluss® is the exclusive medical device for treating the symptoms of hypo-salivation: xerostomia and oral acidosis. Thanks to the collaboration between Novus Dental and Metis Healthcare, Salifluss® is now available in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Salifluss is also available in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Available for distribution in other countries.