Salifluss: a Metis Healthcare patented technology to improve xerostomia

Salifluss is a mucosal adhesive tablet based on the technology MH-InnovaBuffer and designed for xerostomic patients.

Salifluss tablets adhere to the mucosal surface and gradually release its ingredients to assure a long-lasting effect.

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, refers to any condition in which the mouth is unusually dry. Most often, dry mouth is the result of a decrease in saliva produced by the salivary glands and is frequently a side effect of medication. Less often, dry mouth may be caused by a condition that directly affects the salivary glands (Sjögren's syndrome).


Dry mouth is a common problem. It can range from being merely a nuisance to something that has a major impact on general health and the health of the teeth and oral mucosa, as well as on the appetite and the enjoyment of food.

Saliva helps prevent tooth decay by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth and washing away food particles. Saliva also enhances the ability to taste and makes it easier to swallow. In addition, enzymes in saliva aid digestion.

Reduced saliva flow can lead to:


• Increased plaque, tooth decay and gum disease

• Mouth sores

• Mouth Fungal infection 

• Coated tongue

• Sores or split skin at the corners of the mouth

• Cracked lips

• Poor nutrition from concomitant problem with chewing and swallowing


Xerostomia is a common complaint often found among older adults, affecting approximately 20 percent of the elderly population. However, xerostomia does not appear to be related to age itself but rather to the potential for the elderly to be taking medication that causes xerostomia as a side effect.

A clinical study enrolling 60 patients demonstrated that the saliva release increased of 40% after one week treatment with Salifluss MT.

Salifluss is a medical device and its formula is patented.

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